About fluorescent zebrafish and sudden cardiac death

What do zebrafish have to do with sudden cardiac death? Ewa Sieliwonczyk (UAntwerpen) explains that to you in this video.
Ewa Sieliwonczyk
FWO - UAntwerpen

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What does a starting teacher struggle with?

Did you now that one in five starting teachers will leave education within five years. To help them, Sofie Michels and her colleagues developed "Startkracht", a support tool for beginning primary school teachers.

Can you build a smartphone from bacteria?

Last year, scientists discovered bacteria in the mud of the North Sea that can conduct electricity. Robin Bonné (Hasselt University - FWO) is investigating whether we can use these 'cable bacteria' to create biodegradable electronic wires.

Buying (un)packaged food: sustainable decisions in the supermarket

Food packaging generates a lot of waste. Lotte Vermeulen wants to help you reduce your waste: she is developing concrete tools to help consumers to choose the most sustainable packaging in the supermarket

The risk of playing too safe

What do you do when you see a toddler walking around with scissors? Do you panic? Do you get angry? Do you take them off immediately? It's tempting to intervene immediately in such a situation. But no matter how well you mean it, you do deprive a toddler of the opportunity to learn to deal with risks on his or her own.
L. Smith

Surviving in dry environments: lessons from the past

As a result of climate change, more and more areas in the world are suffering from drought. Can we draw lessons from the Ancient past, where people learned to adapt to life in arid regions of the Near East and built entire communities there?

Detecting cervical cancer through a urine sample?

Jade Pattyn (UAntwerp) wants to make cervical cancer extremely rare. She is working on an alternative to detect cervical cancer more easy: via a simple urine sample instead of a smear. As she states: "many women will agree with me: there are nicer places to lay down than in your doctor's chair"

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