Brewing beer faster with the same taste


About the research

Did you know that insights from genetics can help to brew beer faster without losing taste? After all, some yeasts succeed in converting sugars into alcohol more quickly. Lieselotte Vermeersch (VIB - KU Leuven) is investigating how we can use this knowledge to brew beer with slow yeasts faster without changing the taste of the beer. 🍺

Lieselotte Vermeersch
KU Leuven - VIB

With an endless fascination for nature and how the fundaments of life work, Lieselotte followed one of her passions to study bio-engineering at KU Leuven, specializing in cell- and gene technology. For her PhD research at KU Leuven-VIB, she now combines curiosity for living organisms with an interest in technology, investigating why some yeast strains respond to environmental changes more quickly than others, to ultimately improve beer brewing.