Bringing state-of-the-art climate research into industry


About the research 

Do you think we will be able to stop CO2 emissions by 2050? Because that's what we need to do to fight climate change. Luckily, it is estimated that researchers are working on solutions for climate change. Talieh Rajabloo (Uhasselt - Energyville - Imec) is mapping state-of-the-art climate research & technologies that can help energy-intensive industries such as the petrochemical and metal sectors reduce their CO2 emissions. Find out more in the video. 

Talieh Rajabloo

Talieh Rajabloo is a senior researcher in the field of industrial decarbonization with broad experience in managing research and development projects. She is specialized in the field of process design, energy conversion, and carbon reduction of industrial plants. Talieh holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering for systems of energy. She has a background in Chemical engineering. She sees herself as an innovative ideas developer, who cares about the environment, sustainability, and health.

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