Camel blood attacks dormant cancer cells


About the research

Why do cancer patients relapse despite receiving treatment? This is often due to dormant cancer cells. These cells lie dormant in the body and manage to escape treatment, for example, chemotherapy. Can substances from camel and llama blood provide a breakthrough? Can substances from the blood of camels and llamas provide a breakthrough? That is what Kim De Veirman (VUB - FWO) is trying to find out. She wants to destroy dormant cancer cells using camel blood. 


Kim De Veirman

Kim De Veirman is a biomedical engineer who researches new, personalized treatments for patients with blood cancers. With the help of nanobodies, small antibodies found in camelid blood, and immunotherapy (e.g. CAR-T cell therapy), she is trying to fight the remaining cancer cells. With her research, she hopes to improve the diagnosis and treatment of blood cancers.

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