Combating dyslexia with audio books


About the research

Hearing impairments play an important role in dyslexia. For example, people with dyslexia are less able to hear the subtle sound difference at the start of similar letters such as the 'b' and the 'p'. By offering children adapted audio stories in nursery school, Shauni Van Herck (KU Leuven) wants to tackle these hearing problems at an early stage. You can hear whether this works in the film, as well as the adapted listening stories.


Shauni Van Herck
KU Leuven

Shauni Van Herck has always been fascinated by human behavior and language. These interests motivated her to study theoretical and experimental psychology. Bitten by the science bug during her master's, she decided to pursue a PhD at the KU Leuven on developmental dyslexia and how early intervention can overcome some of the difficulties associated with dyslexia. Her research can aid the development of more effective dyslexia interventions.

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