A conspiracy between two microbes


About the research

Together you are always stronger. Unfortunately, this also applies to some microbes, which can conspire to make us seriously ill. Microbiologist Katrien Van Dyck (KU Leuven - VIB - FWO) is investigating such a conspiracy between a fungus and a microbe that work together to cause a serious infection. By studying the interaction between the two, she hopes to find out how we can break their alliance.

Katrien Van Dyck
FWO - KU Leuven - VIB

During her biochemistry studies, Katrien Van Dyck became interested in the wonderful world of microbes. These tiny living things with a huge impact on our lives inspired her to continue in microbiology. For her PhD, she investigates the interactions between different pathogens and their host to develop better therapies for patients. In addition to her enthusiasm for science, Katrien highly values the importance of communicating scientific knowledge to the public.

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