Do you hear me?


About the research

People with hearing loss do not only struggle with hearing problems. Hearing loss can also cause loneliness, emotional problems, and even an increased risk of dementia in the elderly. So after hearing implant placement, one should not only focus on hearing, but also on quality of life, argues Ellen Andries (UZA - UAntwerpen). She explains how she does that. Or how rehabilitation after a hearing implant is not only between the ears

Ellen Andries

Her love for playing and listening to music and her desire to help people motivated Ellen Andries to become an audiologist. She thinks everyone should be able to enjoy music as much as she does and has a great interest in hearing science and hearing technology. Ellen combines her job as a clinical audiologist specialized in cochlear implant fitting at the Antwerp University Hospital with a PhD on the effects of cochlear implantation on daily life functioning at the University of Antwerp.

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