Do you sit on your toilet seat all day?


About the research

Imagine having to visit the toilet 30 times a day for 'number two'. That's not possible, right? Unfortunately, it's the reality for a lot of patients with rectal cancer who've had rectal surgery. Anne Asnong (KU Leuven) tries to help these people so that they no longer have to spend their life 'chained' to the toilet seat. 🚽

Anne Asnong
KU Leuven

Understanding how things work is an important driver in Anne Asnong's professional life. That's why, after 4 years of working as an independent physiotherapist, she decided to expand her accumulated knowledge in pelvic re-education and perinatal physiotherapy with academic research. Her doctoral research focuses on pelvic floor re-education, to help people who have bowel problems after surgery for rectal cancer. 

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