Do you trust Artificial Intelligence?

About the research

About the research 

Did you know that AI can help doctors detect breast cancer? Or that it can be used to predict sepsis, a life-threatening condition, in premature babies? AI seems to be a great advancement in many ways, yet many people fear or don't trust the technology. Ignace Decroix (Ghent University - Vlerick Business School) wants to identify what exactly causes people to have more or less trust in AI. 

Ignace Decroix
UGent - Vlerick

In his studies in history, Ignace Decroix always felt attracted to the various Industrial Revolutions that took place in society and how people increasingly work alongside and together with various technologies. In the first part of his Ph.D. journey at Ghent University and Vlerick Business School, Ignace studies how people and technology can interact in a healthier way: his research focuses on identifying what exactly causes people - the users - to have more or less trust in Artificial Intelligence, as this can help both sides to benefit from it.