Electrical current soothes tinnitus


About the research

Ever had a ringing in your ears after a festival or party? If this is persistent, you suffer from tinnitus: a constant -and very annoying- peeping. Unfortunately, tinnitus cannot be cured, but brain stimulation can help to reduce the burden of the tinnitus. Laure Jacquemin (UAntwerp) is working on a therapy with electrical stimulation, which seems to work well in 1 in 3 patients. 

Laure Jacquemin

As a passionate audiologist, Laure Jacquemin wanted to explore tinnitus, a worldwide hearing problem for which there is no cure. A PhD on the optimization of current treatments for tinnitus at the University of Antwerp and the combination with clinical work at the University Hospital in Antwerp, was the ideal start for this newly graduated audiologist. She enjoys bringing her doctorate to the outside world and that's where her diploma in Word & Drama comes in handy.

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