Fresh green grass for our dairy cows


About the research

How can farmers feed their dairy cows fresh green grass without using kilos of fertilizer? 🐮 At ILVO, they are working on a new diet for cows, with clovers and narrow plantain on the menu in addition to grass ☘️ By sowing these plants in their pastures, farmers can significantly reduce the use of artificial fertilizers and better cope with drought, Thijs Vanden Nest explains in this video.

Thijs Vanden Nest

Spending lots of time working on farms and practicing agronomic research at the same time, learned Thijs that farmers and researchers don't speak the same language. He, therefore, wanted a job that connects researchers to practical problems on the farm. Thijs is currently farm manager at ILVO. His task is to coordinate the experimental farm connected to the institute and to be the link between the researchers and technicians. Besides this major part of the job, he is still active in grassland and soil research and regularly gives lectures to farmers to help them translate research results into feasible actions.