The heart to the right rhythm


About the research

Not every heart beats to the right rhythm. Cardiac arrhythmias are dangerous and can even lead to death. That's why Frone Vandewiele at the KU Leuven focuses her research on these cardiac malfunctions. In this way, she hopes to be able to develop better treatments to get patients’ hearts beating to the right rhythm again. 

Frone Vandewiele
KU Leuven - VIB

Frone Vandewiele has always been curious about how the human body works. This thirst for knowledge led her to study biomedical sciences at the KU Leuven. During these studies, she discovered how much she enjoyed doing research in the lab. This is why she started a PhD in the Laboratory of Ion Channel Research at the VIB – KU Leuven. Her research focusses on cardiac arrhythmias, which is awesome since the heart has always been her favourite organ. 

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