Helping farmers... by cloning coconuts


About the research

Coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil,... More and more coconut products are popping up in our supermarket. But soon the supply of coconuts will no longer be able to follow the demand. Luckily, Hannes Wilms & his KU Leuven colleagues are developing a new method to grow millions of palms starting from one single coconut, as to save us from a coconut crisis.

Hannes Wilms
KU Leuven

Hannes Wilms is a PhD student at the KU Leuven bioengineering faculty and a member of the Leuven Plant Institute. There he conducts research on the propagation and conservation of important tropical crops through "micropropagation and cryopreservation". This is also known as "growing test tube plants" and "storing plants at -196°C". For him, every day in the lab is both a tropical and a cool adventure.

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