How accurate are our climate models?


About the research

Last summer, Wallonia experienced massive rainfall, resulting in deadly floods. Did you know that we only expect such weather once every 400 years at the most? We can calculate this because we have been measuring precipitation in our country for more than 120 years. But with 120 years of data, how (well) can you predict 400 years from now? Jorn Van de Velde (Ghent University- FWO) will tell in this video.

Jorn Van de Velde
FWO - UGent

During Jorn Van de Velde's childhood, nature was never far away. These experiences grew into a broad interest in the challenges that we and our planet face. The climate challenge is at the top of the list. In his doctorate, he tries to clarify the consequences of this on our water management, so that we can be better prepared.

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