How an African fish might help repair brain damage in old age


About the research

What if your brain could heal itself from brain damage? Science fiction? Not for the African turquoise killifish! Neuroscientist Valerie Mariën (KU Leuven) is studying this remarkable fish and how it is able to repair its brain, in the hope that in the future it will be able to help people with brain damage.

Valerie Mariën
KU Leuven

Valerie Mariën started studying the regeneration capacity of the killifish brain during her master thesis. Fascinated about this subject, she decided to start her own PhD research in 2020. In her project, she wants to unravel why aged killifish are restricted in their regenerative abilities. The goal of her PhD research is to find strategies to ameliorate regeneration in the aged killifish brain.

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