How do we reduce our dairy cows' nitrogen emissions?

About the research

About the research

To produce milk, a cow needs nitrogen. She gets that nitrogen from the proteins in her diet. But did you know that the dairy cow uses only 25 to 30% of the nitrogen she eats to produce milk proteins? The rest ends up in the environment via her urine and manure, while nitrogen emissions in Flanders from industry, traffic, and agriculture are already too high. This is why Tine Van den Bossche (ILVO - UGent) is researching how we can make cows produce the same amount of milk with fewer nitrogen emissions.

Tine Van den Bossche
ILVO - UGent

Elementary school, 12 years old, and giving a presentation on global warming, that is where the fascination about science started for Tine Van den Bossche. Interested in animals, nature, and science, Tine studied Bioscience Engineering at UGent. Currently, her PhD research at ILVO focuses on improving the nitrogen efficiency in dairy cattle, to lower their nitrogen excretions and ammonia emissions to the environment.

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