How do you react to my disability?


About the research

In this video, Elke Emmers (KU Leuven) takes you on a speed date with a real plot twist. In her research she tries to adjust the attitudes of teachers, remedial educationalists and other professionals towards persons with disabilities. One of the ways she does this is through this kind of sensitisation exercises.

Elke Emmers
KU Leuven

As an education enthusiast, person with a sense of exception and a warm heart for diversity, the choice for Elke Emmers was obvious to do research into the inclusion of persons with disabilities. Her PhD research at KU Leuven focuses on the different factors that influence a professional in function of the inclusion of persons with disabilities. In this way, we gain insight into the processes involved when persons with disabilities are excluded or included and we can train professionals to better deal with this in practice.

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