How far can we go to save extremely premature babies?


About the research

Babies born before the 28th week of pregnancy often need to be resuscitated at birth. If this treatment is successful, the babies can survive but they will sometimes live on with severe disabilities. Is resuscitation therefore always in the best interest of the babies? Alice Cavolo wants to help parents and physicians in making this extremely difficult medical ánd ethical decision.  

Alice Cavolo
FWO - KU Leuven

Alice Cavolo (Italy) obtained a master degree in bioethics at the KU Leuven, where she' currently conducting a PhD Research at the Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law. Having always been interested in the intersection between ethics and medicine, her research focuses on the difficult decisions regarding resuscitation of Extremely Premature Infants (22 to 28 weeks of pregnancy). The aim is to investigate the ethical issues and possibly to develop ethical guidelines for physicians and parents.

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