How to make efficient use of green electricity?


About the research

What to do when you want to charge your car and the only source of energy you have are solar panels, but the sun is not shining? In her research Brida Mbuwir (VITO - Energyville) is looking for ways to solve this mismatch between green electricity generation and electricity consumption in large buildings. She is developing automated software to schedule the operation of batteries in building on the one hand and the use of electricity by controllable devices such as heating units or electric cars on the one hand. She explains how this works in this video. 

Brida Mbuwir

Growing up in a rural community with frequent powers cuts inspired Brida Mbuwir to study electrical engineering. She holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from KU Leuven and is currently a researcher at VITO-EnergyVille. She is interested in improving the reliability of the power grid and increasing access to electricity in rural communities. Her work focuses on developing smart algorithms that enable an intelligent and reliable power grid driven by renewable energy.

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