How to make smart devices smart enough to respect our privacy?


About the research

A smart device, such as a smart speaker, can make our lives easier by acting as our home assistant and helping us manage our daily tasks. But what about our privacy? Can we trust these devices with our family arguments over money spending? By designing technologies and workflows, engineer Rafa Gálvez (KU Leuven) wants to help companies develop smart devices that respect our privacy. 

Rafa Gálvez
KU Leuven

His Christian faith and his interest in computers inspired Rafa Gálvez to picture a world where technology alleviates some of the practical challenges people face realizing themselves. He studied computer engineering in Spain, and then moved to Leuven to help artificial intelligence (AI) respect privacy. His research aims to be implemented in real-world products where AI is a key component and privacy is essential for people to use them.

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