How to put wasted heat to good use

About the research

About the research

Industries release enormous amounts of wasted heat: over 67% of all energy generated worldwide is estimated to be lost as heat! What if we could harness this industrial waste heat to warm our homes? This is possible using heat exchangers. These devices capture heat from industries and transfer it through heating networks to residential areas. Praharsh Pai Raikar (VITO - TU Delft) is optimizing the design process of heat exchangers to make them more efficient so that we can fully exploit the potential of waste heat recovery.

Praharsh Pai Raikar

Praharsh is a dedicated researcher with a passion for advancing energy efficiency through innovative engineering solutions. As a PhD researcher at VITO and TU Delft, he focuses on optimizing designs for high-performance heat transfer devices. Through his research, Praharsh aims to contribute to the sustainable energy transition.

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