How to teach online interactively?


About the research

The corona pandemic suddenly forced teachers to make a rapid shift from offline to online teaching. Keeping students engaged is already challenging in the classroom, let alone in an online context. How can a teacher properly teach interactively online? Maaike Grammens (UGent) and her colleagues screened over 3,000 scientific articles on online teaching to find out what competencies a teacher needs for this. Discover their conclusions in this video.

Maaike Grammens

How can you train a teacher to teach online in an interactive way? After Maaike Grammens gained experience as an online teacher herself and went to observe in Australia, the cradle of distance education, she was left with no answer. She, therefore, decided to carry out her own research. After a few years in education as a teacher and pedagogue, she made the switch to the academic world where, via a Baekeland mandate and in cooperation with Ghent University, she started a doctoral research project as a d-teach ( By mapping the competencies that an online teacher needs to have and researching how to train them in the best possible way, she wants to offer online teachers at d-teach, but also beyond, targeted, tailor-made training.

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