Inherited retinal diseases


About the research

Have you ever heard of Stargardt disease? This is a rare, inherited disease that can cause severe damage to the retina of your eye. When that happens, it can lead to partial or complete blindness. This can affect children or can arise in early adulthood. To tackle this disease, as well as other inherited retinal diseases, PhD researcher Melita Kaltak (PROQR - Radboud University) focuses her efforts on mutations in the mRNA. The goal is to develop novel RNA therapies, specific to each patient, as she explains in this video 

Melita Kaltak

Melita Kaltak is a PhD student within ProQR located in Leiden, the Netherlands. She is 24 years old, originally coming from Croatia, but she lived for many years in Italy and Sweden while studying. After graduating in Functional Genomics at the University of Trieste in Italy, she has been working as a Laboratory Engineer within a research group at the Sahlgrenska Cancer Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. Melita has many hobbies, but she is most passionate about music. In her free time she play the drums, and she likes to attend concerts and music festivals. Most of the time you can spot her among the first rows checking the drum player’s technique. Besides music, she loves sports and spending time outdoors in nature. Before discovering science, for many years I played tennis and was part of a volleyball club in the first Croatian league. She is very excited about having the opportunity to work with ProQR and being part of an important European project such as StarT. More info on 

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