An injection to solve hearing loss?


About the research

In Belgium and the Netherlands, more than 1,000 people suffer from DFNA9, a condition that causes hereditary hearing loss and balance disorders. DFNA9 is due to an error in the DNA of the ear. Dorien Verdoodt (UAntwerp) is conducting research into a new therapy based on the revolutionary Crispr genetic technique. In this way, she hopes to be able to cure hereditary hearing loss in the future with a syringe in the ear.

Dorien Verdoodt

Dorien Verdoodt has been fascinated by the human body and everything it entails since childhood. That is why she decided to study biomedical sciences at Ghent University (2013-2018). During these studies, she specialised in the field of neuroscience and always asked herself how she could contribute to a solution for the various neurological disorders that patients face. When she saw a vacancy for a PhD position to research gene therapy for hereditary hearing loss, she did not hesitate for a second to apply. Since 2018, she has thus been working as a PhD student at the University of Antwerp, where she tries to develop a gene therapy to prevent hearing and balance loss in DFNA9 patients.

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