The large predators of the Ice Age


About the research

Meet Elodie-Laure Jimenez (RBINS - University of Aberdeen). As a zooarchaeologist, her job is to study prehistoric predators and their life during the last Ice Age. The only way to understand what happened to these extinct species is to study the fossils that have survived the test of time. In Belgium, this led Elodie-Laure to identify a den where hundreds of cave hyena cubs died shortly after birth. Find out more about her fascinating research in the video.  

Elodie-Laure Jimenez

Elodie-Laure Jimenez entered the world of prehistoric archaeology to explore her fascination for Time and Space travel. Driven by her obsession to understand how nature works - and her love of animals - she completed a Ph.D. in zooarchaeology and paleontology in 2017. At the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, she is now focusing her research on harnessing the potential of old museum collections to reconstruct past ecosystems.

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