Leg prosthesis allows people to walk normally again


About the research


Joost Geeroms is an engineer on a mission. He is working at the VUB on the development of a new, active leg prosthesis. This should ensure that, after a leg amputation, people can return to normal life, without, for example, developing back pain, as is still too often the case with the current generation of prostheses.

Joost Geeroms

Joost Geeroms (b. 1989) is a researcher at the robotics research group and the BruBotics research centre of the VUB and works on prostheses and exoskeletons. Since his graduation, he has been trying to get people with an amputated leg to walk again without difficulties. Several prototypes were developed during his doctoral research. These are now being worked out in more detail so that they can be clinically tested in order to give people the help they need.

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