Let's bring our mathematics and science education back to the top of the world!


About the research

In the not-so-distant past, our mathematics education was at the top of the world. Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen a negative trend. Bea Merckx (Artevelde University of Applied Sciences) and her colleagues want to help turn the tide. Thanks to their research, as a teacher you are only a few mouse clicks away from a more varied and deeper mathematics and science education!

Bea Merckx

The natural and humanmade world has always fascinated Bea Merckx. Therefore, she studied civil engineering (option materials), biology (option zoology) and environmental sanitation. Currently, she works at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences as a researcher with a focus on STEM and Sustainability Education for primary education. At the university college, she is also policy advisor sustainable development. 

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