Let's no longer treat every ovarian cancer patient the same way


About the research

"Each person is unique. So why do we still treat every woman with ovarian cancer the same way?" Liselore Loverix (KU Leuven - FWO) examines patient by patient and looks for errors in the DNA of their tumour cells. In this way, before treatment starts, she identifies which patient would benefit from a new, targeted therapy based on cancer drugs.  

Liselore Loverix
FWO - KU Leuven

From the start of her training as a gynaecologist, Liselore Loverix was determined to put her shoulder to the wheel in ovarian cancer research. In her PhD, she combines her knowledge as a doctor with her passion for genetics and cancer biology. In this, she collaborates with the research group for gynaecological oncology at the KULeuven and the VIB centre for cancer research. Supported by FWO and 'Vriendtjes Tegen Kanker' (Buddies Against Cancer), she is committed to more personalised treatments for ovarian cancer to improve not only the quality of life but also the chances of success for women suffering from this rare disease.

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