Making carbon conversion more efficient

About the research

About the research

The rise of CO2 levels has many harmful effects on our planet. A part of the solution is capturing CO2 emissions and transforming them into valuable chemicals and fuels, while potentially slowing climate change. Wenjian Hu (VITO - KU Leuven) explains how this carbon conversion works. His research aims to make the process more efficient, paving the way for scaling up from lab experiments to big industrial plants.

Wenjian Hu
KU Leuven - VITO

Wenjian HU is a Marie-Sklodowska Curie fellow pursuing a PhD at VITO and KU Leuven. He develops nanomaterials for of electrochemical H2O splitting and CO2 reduction, techniques needed to help combat CO2 emissions and its impact on climate change. 

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