Making European underground data accessible for everyone


About the research

"I'm going deeper underground" 🎵 The lyrics of Jamiroquai's famous hit may well apply to Renata Barros (RBINS). As a geologist, she knows how precious the underground is in providing essential minerals for modern-day technology, drinking water, etc. But much like the subsurface itself, data generated from underground studies, is often difficult to access. Through the Geoconnect3d project, Renata & her colleagues bring all the information from such studies all over Europe together in an accessible knowledge system. In this way, she wants to give decision-makers the right tools to develop policies for the safe and sustainable use of our underground treasures.

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Renata Barros

Committed to contribute to the transition to a more sustainable future, Renata Barros graduated as a geologist at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and pursued a PhD in mineral resources at the University College Dublin (Ireland). Since she joined the Geological Survey of Belgium in 2019, her research is focused on improving the dissemination of geological information for policy support and subsurface management.

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