Making immunotherapy stand up against colon cancer


About the research

Did you know that colon cancer is the third most deadly cancer worldwide? Unfortunately, while immunotherapy is quite effective in the treatment of many cancers, such as skin cancer, it only works in 5% of colon cancer patients. Sara Verbandt (KU Leuven) explains how she wants to make immunotherapy stand up against colon cancer.  

Sara Verbandt
KU Leuven

Fascinated by science and technology, Sara Verbandt studied bio-engineering. After obtaining her master's and PhD degree at KU Leuven, she decided to open her research skills to help cancer patients. Her current postdoctoral work focuses on understanding the factors in the colon that cause colorectal cancer and block immunotherapy responses. By testing novel therapeutic approaches based on her results, she tries to help the 95% of patients who fail current therapies.

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