Mapping saltwater with a metal detector


About the research

Rising sea levels and periods of prolonged drought draw salt seawater into our soils and water supplies, sometimes up to several kilometers inland. This can make them too salty and thus unusable. To find out exactly how far inland and how deep the saltwater problem reaches, Wouter Deleersnyder (KULAK - UGent - FWO) and his colleagues use a helicopter, a giant metal detector, and their knowledge of physics and geology. How all of this works is explained by Wouter in this video.

Wouter Deleersnyder
FWO - KU Leuven - UGent

Wouter Deleersnyder is a passionate researcher at KU Leuven Kulak and Ghent University. With his technical skills from his physics education, he wants to tackle the problems of today. Stimulated by the importance of water for man and nature, he came into contact with groundwater and geophysics. He is working on new methods to get a better picture of what is under the ground, just like a CT scan in a hospital.

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