More sustainable batteries


About the research

Smartphones, laptops, electric cars, ... We simply cannot live without batteries. But did you know that in 5 years' time the demand for batteries is expected to be 15 times higher than today? But instead of producing 15 times more batteries, wouldn't it be better to meet the demand by making more powerful batteries? That is why Ahmed Shafique (VITO - UHasselt) is working on a new generation of batteries: lithium-sulfur batteries.

Ahmed Shafique
UHasselt - VITO

Throughout his life, he learned that the ultimate happiness is obtained not only by hard work and intelligence but by unlimited bravery in pursuing one’s own dream. His strong passion for Chemical/Material engineering has instilled in him an overwhelming desire to tread on the path of learning, invention, and work in the area of renewable energy sources to come up with advanced and cost-effective materials for future energy-related applications. In his research at VITO in collaboration with UHasselt, he is working on a new generation lithium-sulfur batteries. By this, the battery of the future could be made of modified sulfur, offering us a low-cost, sustainable, and high energy battery.’

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