A new prognostic tool for traumatic brain injury in the elderly


About the research 

Every year, nearly one out of three 65-year-olds in Belgium suffers a bad fall, which may lead to a traumatic brain injury. Rebeca Gavrila (KU Leuven) is developing a prognostic tool to predict how a certain type of fall accident will impact the patients functioning. This way, she wants to help doctors to choose the best rehabilitation strategy.

Rebeca Gavrila
KU Leuven

Since a very young age, Rebeca Gavrila wanted to be able to help people with disabilities. That led her to graduate as a Physiotherapist and obtain a Master's degree in Neuroscience. Since 2018, she works on her PhD at the IMPAct group in KU Leuven, where she studies how a Traumatic Brain Injury can impact elderly patients' lives.

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