A quick method to detect liver fibrosis through the blood


About the research

Excessive alcohol or drug use, obesity and viral infections can lead to liver fibrosis, a chronic liver disease. If this is not discovered in time, it can lead to cirrhosis (liver cancer). Thanks to Joeri Lambrecht (VUB - Vrije Universiteit Brussel), liver fibrosis can soon be diagnosed more quickly by means of a simple blood test.

Joeri Lambrecht

His fascination with the complexity of the human body led Joeri Lambrecht to become a biomedical scientist. During his studies at the Vrije UniversiteitĀ Brussel, he became intrigued by the ever-growing number of people with liver disease, both in Belgium and throughout the world. Through his doctoral research at the LIVR lab (VUB) into new non-invasive techniques for the diagnosis of liver fibrosis, he tries to contribute to the solution of this contemporary problem.

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