Recognizing fake news: not as simple as you think


About the research

Social media have become the most important source of information for many young people. But at the same time, a lot of fake news is circulating on these platforms. Time to better arm young people to recognize and debunk fake news! That's why Annelore Deprez (Arteveldehogeschool) helped develop Edubox, an interactive tool scholars can use to learn how to unmask fake news. 

Annelore Deprez

Bitten by news and suffering from writing fever. That's what made Annelore Deprez start working for a regional newspaper during her student years and also steered her study towards journalism. After her PhD research on the framing of the Israel-Palestine conflict in the Flemish media, Annelore focused her research on other journalistic themes such as fake news and storytelling tailored to young people. The aim of these studies is to create a news guide for young people and to enthuse them to consume more (reliable) news.

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