Recruitment discrimination: from measuring to explaining


About the research


Research has found that being older significantly lowers your employment chances when looking for a job. Why this is the case is studied to a lesser extent. With her research, Hannah Van Borm (Ghent University) fills this black box and identifies different reasons for why older job applicants face age discrimination in the hiring process. The answer? Older job applicants are mainly discriminated against because they are perceived to have little technological know-how and are perceived to be less flexible and trainable.

Hannah Van Borm

Meet Hannah Van Borm. Being interested in the way people behave in an increasingly diverse world, Hannah started her PhD on hiring discrimination at the Department of Business and Economics of Ghent University. Next to researching age discrimination, she has also focused on studying hiring discrimination based on gender, race, and gender identity. By investigating the driving mechanisms of hiring discrimination and communicating it to a broad audience, she tries to place the issue on the public agenda and do her part in the fight against discrimination.

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