Recycling CO2: how can we do it?


About the research

Imagine that, instead of emitting harmful CO2 into the atmosphere, we could recycle it and use it to power your future laptop or smartphone. That's what Kevin Van Daele (VITO - UAntwerp - FWO) is researching. He is developing new catalysts to efficiently convert CO2 into formic acid, a valuable chemical that could one day power your future electronic devices. 

New materials
Kevin Van Daele
FWO - UAntwerpen - VITO

Fascinated by chemical structures and atomic models, ever since his first chemistry lesson, Kevin Van Daele decided early on to get his degree in applied chemical engineering. Combined with his love for nature, his current PhD at the ELCAT research group (University of Antwerp) and VITO focusses on the electrochemical recycling of CO2 to formic acid. By developing more stable electrocatalysts, he aims to recycle CO2 instead of wasting it.

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