Reducing CO2 while creating useful products


About the research 

"The greenhouse gases we pump into the air throw a thick blanket over the entire planet. By putting these to good use, my work aims to help remove this blanket of carbon dioxide, leading to a cooler future for all of us." Watch Divyansh Khurana (Imec - KU Leuven) explain how he wants to use tiny materials, called semiconductors, to convert CO2 (and water) into useful products.

Divyansh Khurana
imec - KU Leuven

Longer and hotter summers, ooof, it feels as if the planet is surrounded by a very thick blanket all throughout the year. A physics graduate from India, Divyansh Khurana moved to Paris for a Masters in Nanomaterials, in a quest to find smarter ways to remove the blanket of CO2 and reverse the effects of climate change. For his Ph.D. at imec-KU Leuven, he now delves into the world of semiconductors - the materials that power our phones and laptops - to find an innovative solution.

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