Retrain your pain


About the research

Pain is our body's alarm system. It warns us if there is something wrong with our body. Pain can therefore be very useful, but sometimes also very misleading. Elien Van Der Gucht (KU Leuven) investigates the factors that cause the alarm system of women with breast cancer to go off - sometimes even months and years after their operation.

Elien Van Der Gucht
KU Leuven

After graduating as a physiotherapist, Elien Van der Gucht still had a thirst for knowledge.... "No matter how fascinating the human body itself may be, we should not underestimate the power of one's mind and environment, because they are inextricably linked (but mysterious) to one another," says Elien. Her research project perfectly combines these three factors. She wants to unravel the complexity of the pain breast cancer patients experience and use this knowledge to improve their overall well-being. 

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