Satellite images: giving computers better eyes for tree mapping


About the research

 Trees are an important source of food and fuel for local communities all over the world. It is thus important to map them, so as to be able to protect them. But how do you start mapping millions of trees? Well, by combining satellite images with digital image processing technology. Problem solved? Not yet, as even computers can have a hard time recognizing trees on top-down satellite images of the Earth's surface. Maria Culman (KU Leuven - VITO) explains how she intends to overcome this challenge. 

Maria Culman
KU Leuven - VITO

As a digital passionate, María Culman has dedicated her research efforts to address problems with a data-driven approach. She has completed multidisciplinary research and development in the Internet of Things and Data Fusion to generate solutions that provide actionable information. For the last two years, she has researched image processing techniques from Deep Learning to be applied to Earth Observation data for large-scale mapping.

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