A slick CAR in the race against leukaemia


About the research

Cancer is a sneaky disease. For instance, cancer cells sometimes manage to disguise themselves, outrunning our immune system. Gils Roex (UAntwerpen - FWO) explains how equipping our white blood cells with a cleverly designed CAR could well help win the race against blood cancer. Want to know more? Fasten your seatbelts & watch the video 🏎

GIls Roex
FWO - UAntwerpen

Children are known for their curiosity about the world and their continuous stream of “how” and “why” questions. Scientists, like Gils, never leave this phase and are driven to find answers to those questions. Gils graduated as a bio-engineer, but continues his career in medical sciences in the form of a doctorate. He focuses his research on arming the immune system with new equipment to fight cancer with the ultimate goal providing a curative therapy for all cancer patients.

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