Social egg freezing: good for women's empowerment?


About the research

"Freeze your eggs, free your career". This was the headline on the cover of the business magazine Bloomberg Business a few years ago. The reasoning: women could freeze their eggs, to focus on their careers and then maybe have a child later. Sounds good for women's emancipation, but how do women themselves feel about it? Philosopher Michiel De Proost (VUB) sat down with 21 women to find out.

Michiel De Proost

By media request, Michiel De Proost got fascinated with the topic of social egg freezing and decided to write two master’s theses and a PhD about this topic. Questions concerning social justice and autonomy, especially in a highly technologized world, have always fascinated Michiel and drove him to keep reading widely and thinking deeply. However, he became increasingly aware of the conservatism in moral philosophy that neglects the concerns of marginalized groups and discovered that at the crossroads of (bio)ethical and gender research, a lot of problematic assumptions are insufficiently investigated.

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