Swallowing rehabilitation in head and neck cancer patients


About the research

Radiation can save the lives of people with head and neck cancer. Unfortunately, many patients develop swallowing disorders as a result of the treatment, which makes it impossible for them to eat solid food. Leen Van den Steen (UAntwerpen - UZA) wants to help them. How? With tongue strength training.

Leen Van den Steen
FWO - UAntwerpen

As a speech therapist at Antwerp University Hospital, Leen Van den Steen has been confronted on a daily basis with people with swallowing disorders since 2010. Because eating and drinking are a fundamental part of quality of life, she was stimulated to study this subject in more depth. Thanks to a grant from the FWO she defended her doctoral thesis 'Tongue strength and radiation-associated dysphagia in patients with head and neck cancer' in January 2020.

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