Lakshmi Sharma
KU Leuven

Killing viruses by looking away from it

While medicine has come a long way to help HIV-patients, current drugs can't rid these patients of their HIV-infection. The drugs do not cure the infection, but suppress the virus to such an extent that no symptoms of the disease occur. Subha Lakshmi Sharma wants to contribute to finding a complete cure for the virus. Something she hopes to achieve by not looking at the virus itself, but by looking away from it.

How internet capabilities can help your company

Marketing managers need to be close to what is going on in their market. Luckily they can rely on digital tools to help them, but it's sometimes hard to keep track as new tools pop up every day. That's why, according to Ingrid Ruskowski (Universiteit Hasselt), companies need to invest in internet capabilities. 

Using computing power to fight cancer

Did you know that cancer researchers draw inspiration from applications such as Amazon, Facebook and even Tinder? Armed with a supercomputer, Celine Everaert, like these applications, processes large amounts of data. Not to sell books or to help people get on a date, but to offer cancer patients personalised treatments.

Our sex can't be put in a box

Not every baby is clearly born as a boy or a girl. Dorien Baetens researches this phenomenon, also called 'disorders of sex development'.
KU Leuven

Soot: the invisible culprit

Hannelore Bové developed a new technique that allows for the first time to detect and count the number of soot particles a person has in his or her body. This is an important step in order to determine the precise impact of soot on our health.

Let students examine the past themselves

History is more than just a series of facts and events. It is also a science that critically examines the past. The research methods used by historians for this purpose are still very useful today. They can help to distinguish real news from fake news.

Beethoven as you never heard him before

Ann Cnop lets us to travel in time. Not by means of a real teletime machine, but thanks to a 'simple' violin and ancient scores. Through her research she makes the violin compositions of Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert sound as these musical masters themselves heard them at the time. 

Materials that can withstand a rough ride

When you think of textiles, you probably think of t-shirts, carpets or perhaps even parachutes. But did you know that even parts of the fuselage of an airplane could be made from textiles?
Pancorbo Valdivia

Coaching adolescents to develop skills for their life

"Sometimes I worry so much about my exams that I get physically ill." Some adolescents struggle with their emotions in stressful situations. Gina Pancorbo Valdivia wants to help them. In her research she develops a tool to help teachers and students to know how to assess and learn skills that will help them to overcome social and emotional challenges in their daily life.

Clean water from manure

A question: if a pig farmer has 10.000 pigs and you know that 1 pig produces 4.5kg of manure each day, how much manure does the farmer have to deal with on a yearly basis? That's right: a sh*tload of manure. A good thing Natalia Donoso is researching how pig farmers can process this manure in a sustainable way.

The four seasons: a challenge for our farmers

Winter, with its cold temperatures, is not the favourite season of our farmers. Certain plants and crops suffer greatly from the cold. But did you know that these plants themselves have the key to withstand the cold? Antoine Persyn explains exactly how this works.
Van Paemel

Liquid biopsies in cancer diagnosis

Did you know that 1 in 100 people who develop cancer are under 18 years of age? In order to diagnose cancer, a surgical biopsy is often required. But Ruben Van Paemel and his colleagues want to change this. They want to detect cancer in children by taking a simple blood sample.