Where are the police? Linking crime and patrols


About the research

Research shows police spend only 60% of all patrol time in crime hotspots. Philipp M. Dau (UGent) uses data to analyze both police and crime hotspots. These new insights could help police departments deploy their police resources more efficiently, guide officers while being on patrol, and make our cities a safer place. 


Philipp M. Dau

Philipp M. Dau is an interdisciplinary PhD fellow at Ghent University (UGent). Crime, security, and justice have always guided his academic path and let him to start investigating how police officers prevent crimes and how data-driven systems can improve police patrols. Before coming to Ghent, he worked for several local and multinational companies in Germany and spent a couple of semesters abroad in Spain, the U.S., and Sweden.

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