Why did nurses not receive proper pay for a long time?


About the research

In 2020, we applauded en masse for our healthcare heroes. But did you know that for a very long time, nurses in Belgium hardly got paid or did not get paid at all? And that they hardly received any recognition? Historian Luc De Munck (KU Leuven) explains why that was the case. Or how historical research can sometimes help to answer very topical questions...

Luc De Munck
KU Leuven

After a professional career as an archivist of the Belgian Red Cross, Luc De Munck started to study history at KU Leuven. His master thesis on Belgian nurses during the First World War received in 2018 the Scriptieprijs 100 Jaar Grote Oorlog and was published by Amsterdam University Press. He is now conducting PhD research on the professional identities of catholic nurses in Belgium between 1919 and 1974.

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