Why do snakes have horns?


About the research 

When you think of animals with horns, you probably think of cows, goats, and rhinos. But did you know that many species of snakes have horns too? While this has been under the eye of researchers for a long time, it's still unclear why some snakes have horns. What do you think they're for? Federico Banfi (UAntwerp - FWO) sheds some light on current hypotheses. He hopes to find answers in his Ph.D. research.  

Federico Banfi
FWO - UAntwerpen

Introduced at young age to nature wonders by his grandfather, Federico Banfi decided to become a Biologist. His interest in learning how organisms evolve and how they function lead him to conduct his Ph.D. at the Functional Morphology Lab at the University of Antwerp. He studies horns in snakes and aims to understand the function of such enigmatic structures.

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