Working together to defeat Stargardt disease


About the research

Did you know that one in 10,000 people worldwide suffer from an inherited retinal disease, such as Stargardt disease, and lose sight? Stargardt disease is caused by a fault in a specific gene, called ABCA4, and to this date it is incurable. To change this, Munnever Burcu (Ghent University) and 13 other researchers with different backgrounds working all over Europe joined forces in the StarT Consortium. Their goal is to find a cure by investigating the disease from different angles. Burcu explains how they want to approach this.

Munevver Burcu Cicekdal

Munevver Burcu Cicekdal works at UGent as a part of the StarT project. She was born and raised in Istanbul where she was exposed to both European and Asian culture. She graduated from Molecular Biology and Genetics department at Istanbul University. Then, she followed her passion for science and joined a research group at Yeditepe University where she completed my Master’s degree in Biotechnology and worked as a Research assistant for 4 years. When she saw the opportunity for StarT project, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and try to be a part of such an important project where several perspectives of science came together to fight against the hereditary Stargardt’s disease. She is eager to contribute her knowledge and experience to help realize the mission of the StarT project: to help find a cure for this disease. 

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