Would you like a role model at your hospital bedside?


About the research

"Nurses do more than wash patients, give injections and execute what the doctor asks them to do. They take full control of your hospitalization and have a great influence on the quality of the care you receive", as Sabrina Nachtergaele (Artevelde University College) explains in this video. 

Some take the lead even more than others. Yet these nurses do not always identify that leadership in themselves. Sabrina wants to help them with that.


Sabrina Nachtergaele

Sabrina Nachtergaele is a lecturer and researcher at the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. She started her career as an anesthesia nurse at the University Hospital in Ghent. After the Master of Science in Nursing, she started working as a Project Officer Critical Services and then as a Deputy Head Nurse Operations Quarter, in order to pass on the knowledge acquired at the Artevelde University College. Together with students and the research team, she mainly works with design thinking and leadership.

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